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For over 70 years, Shusters Building Components has prevailed as an industry leader and continues to set the standards of excellence for the millwork market. Our committed levels of inventory and gold standard of quick shipments allow you to be  assured you’ll receive a timely superior product fabricated by our expert craftsmen. Whether you’re building the home of your dreams, or remodeling one to meet your needs, let the “Shuster Touch” enhance your home for years to come. 



Born into what was called the “Greatest Generation”, Tony Shuster Sr. had an unbreakable work ethic along with an entrepreneurial spirit with a vision of the future. Tony was no novice when it came to the building industry. Having spent years working with his uncles constructing numerous homes and structures throughout the area. Tony recognized the time savings and value a “pre-hung” door unit would possess. In 1950, Tony turned his vision into a reality and founded Shuster’s Building Components. 


Through the development of the Shuster Strong Pre-hung Door System, Shuster’s Building Components raised the bar on the millwork industry. By staying true to the Shuster Standard, SBC continues to be a nationally recognized industry leader of millwork. SBC is proud to be an all product Masonite distributor from the door panel to the glass. Our door systems are enhanced further by utilizing state of the art jambs, sills, and other components as our standard. On top of our ever developing product line, SBC offers commercial doors and hardware, and also unsurpassed quality pre-finishing.


Tony founded Shuster’s Building Components with three “Shuster Standard” basic principles: to provide excellent customer service, utilize the best products available, and to employ the top craftsmen to manufacture his products. Any divergence from these principles was seen as a disservice to the customer. From these high standards, the “Shuster Strong Pre-hung Door System” was created.


Shuster’s Building Components has remained true to the Shuster Standards for our customers over the last 70+ years. As our family company enters its 3rd generation, we vow to remain true to the same unparalleled standards of offering door systems built to last the test of time. SBC is committed to providing our customers with exceptional service levels from our knowledgeable sales force down to the field technicians along with providing leading industry technology such as Max, the door configurator. SBC is still here, still strong, and will continue to provide you with the finest millwork and customer service for years to come.

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