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Norton Closer

The 1601 Series door closer is ideal for stocking distributors serving high volume aftermarket and storefront segments. The 1601 features an adjustable spring, tri-packed, non-hold open arms and independent and separate latch, sweep and back-check intensity valves. Featuring easy installation and maintenance and dependable control, the 1601 is perfect for office doors, utility doors and strip mall applications.

  • Easy to install and adjust: ideal for retrofit applications.
  • Consistent and dependable; offers smooth door control.
  • Adjustable to match door conditions and environments.

Lawrence Hardware

Exit Devices

An Exit Device (also called Panic Device or Panic Hardware) is a terminology of builder hardware. It is a type of lock having a push bar (or called push pad, push rail, or touch bar, etc.) When the push bar is depressed, it can retract the latch bolt(s), thus permitting the door to be opened. An Exit Device is a critical part of the Fire and the Life Safety egress system in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

An Exit Device has two classifications: Accident Hazard (i.e. Panic Hardware) and Fire Exit Hardware. Both are designed to provide immediate exit. All these exit devices must be tested and are listed by an authorized and nationally recognized independent test laboratory in accordance with either UL Standard or ANSI / BHMA A156.3 Standard

Comprehensive Use

Lawrence Hardware 5000 Series Exit Devices are suitable for using at emergency exits in the following commercial, industrial, public buildings and multistory residential buildings:

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Indoor Parking Lots
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Multi-Tenant Buildings
  • Indoor Stadiums
  • Gymnasiums
  • Resort Hotels
  • Restaurants in Schools and Stations

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8000 Series Wide Stile Exit Devices (Rim Exit Devices)
5000 Series Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device
8000 Series Rim Exit Device

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