Learn About Galvanneal


It is steel with a matte-gray galvanneal coating applied by the steel producer to both sides of the sheet, suitable for immediate painting without further treatment except normal cleaning.


To provide superior and inexpensive protection against rust, eliminate the need for costly touch-up prior to finish painting, and
eliminate the need for costly packaging from the factory
We offer a variety of frames to fit your installation needs. Along with weather strip, sweeps, and astragals to accommodate your frame and door needs.

Where to use GALVANNEAL?

Common interior and exterior environments in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

GALVANNEAL provides an excellent base for finish painting.

Surface must be clean and dry, if required, to clean surface oils and grease use ZYLOL or TULUOL. Paint locally or on-site according to the application, local conditions and paint specifications. For most interior and exterior applications, directly apply an alkyd or acrylic latex paint in semi or gloss finish. Primer is not required. Do not use chemical pretreatments or mineral spirits.

Why coat steel with Zinc?

It is the least expensive way of protecting steel against corrosion. Zinc, with its very low corrosion rate, shields the steel against most common environments, for as long as the zinc lasts.

Is GALVANNEAL the same as Galvanize?

No. Galvanneal is a zinc-iron alloy coating. Galvanize is a bright zinc coating with a multi-facteted crystal structure. Galvanneal is provided at no charge. Galvanize is an optional extra.

Are there other names for GALVANNEAL?

Yes. Satincoat, Wipecoat, and Galvanneal are synonymous.

Product storage

Do not allow moisture or liquid of any kind to remain on or trapped between surfaces. Store Artek products off the ground and in covered, dry places. Inspect stored products regularly. If moisture is present, dry immediately.

Technical Bits

The specification to which the steel is manufactured is:

ASTM A653/653M – Standard Specifications for Steel Sheet, Zinc Coated (Galvanized) or Zinc-Iron Alloy Coated (Galvanneal) by the Hot-Dip process.
Arteks standard grade of steel is Commercial Steel (CS) type B with the coating designation A40 having a minimum thickness of .40 oz/ft2, total both sides (metric equivalent is ZF120 with 120g/m2).

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