Frame, Sill and Hardware

Entry Systems

Your door panel paired with surrounding components is designed to work together to keep out air and water.
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Endura components

Sills, weather sealing, astragals, frames and multipoint hardware deliver the best possible protection from the weather. For you, entry system performance means protection from costly water damage, energy savings and security. But unless you choose our Endura components, performance is not standard.



All-composite substrate. Z-Series Sills give you the best combination of performance and value. The all-composite substrate won’t rack, warp or rot. Ever

Narrow synthetic high damp cap. The cap resists fading and wear, and won’t warp or rot. A built-in seal keeps out air and water, even in the most severe conditions. Narrow cap width ensures the drip edge on the door bottom deflects water away from the cap.


Ultimate Astragal
with Flip Lever

Ultimate performance for your French door entry system. The patented three-point sealing system eliminates water and air infiltration common with other systems.

Flip Lever. A patent-pending flip lever allows both top and bottom astragal flush bolts to be engaged in one simple motion.

Floating Boot. When the lever is flipped, the spring-loaded boot is secured in place. When the lever is released, the boot lifts clear of the threshold, eliminating wear, to maintain a lasting seal that won’t fail after continuous use.



The Simple Solution patented compression corner with Low Wick seals weatherstripping at the crucial corner, preventing water from percolating up and over the threshold.

Dual bulb door bottom. Quality materials and extensive testing for a superior barrier against air and water.

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