Multi- Point Locking Astragal


Affordable multi-point locking.

Typical french door installations only hold the active door at one point: the deadbolt. This permits door panel deflection and air and water infiltration.

Engaging the Multi-Point deadbolt activates 3 secure locking points. An easy-to-use patented flip lever engages both flush bolts, along with the floating boot, in one motion. Weather is sealed out, deflection is eliminated.

The Multi-Point Astragal Works with most standard deadbolt packages, requiring no additional hardware or extensive machining for easy installation and retrofitting to existing door units – savings for you.

One-Two Secure Performance

One: Turning the deadbolt activates patent-pending lock paws.

Two: Lock paws engage keepers in the active door, providing three locking points.

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Peace of Mind.
One solid unit with three latches based on the strength of patented I-Beam construction for reliable, proven performance.

Overating as one, all three latches engage when the door is closed. One movement of the thumbturn or key activates all three deadbolts. Activated, each latch is a deadbolt and cannot be compromised.

Patented strike rollers and latches draw the door panel into perfect alignment with the jamb for a tight seal with no deflection.

Panic Release.
A single downward turn of the interior handle releases all three deadbolts.

Trilennium Hardware Collection

For optimum performance with our locking system, Trilennium hardware combines elegant design with precision engineering for beautiful, reliable performance. Hardware, active and inactive, is available for entry, patio and passage doors in a variety of styles and finishes.


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