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SureSill Sloped Sill Pan – Insurance against water infiltration.
Anywhere driving rain is a threat, water can infiltrate your entry from behind molding or improper flashing, resulting in damaged floors or substructure. Unlike other sill pans, SureSill is your insurance that any water that gets in will be drained away through a sloping pan and built-in drain system.

SureSill comes in three standard sizes: 4-1/8″, 4-9/16″ and 6-9/16″. Plus, the revolutionary 10X sill pan can be adjusted from sill widths 3-1/4″ to 7-1/4″. Length is completely adjustable. SureSill will fit any opening. Just cut the channel 1/4 inch shorter than the rough opening and apply the endcaps for insurance against water that works!

Z-AC Sill
Creating and maintaining a consistent, working seal between the door bottom and the sill is critical to door unit performance. Precise adjustment of the sill is required. With the Z-Articulating Cap sill no adjustments are required -EVER.

Outswing Bumper Sill
With our notched and horned sill the offset between the jamb edge and the brickmould, and both the jamb and brickmould extend to the ground level. There are no requirements for a jamb tennon. – Available in 5-5/8 and 5-13/16

Our ADA inswing and outswing sills are thermally broken, and has an innovative dam feature while maintaining ADA sill height compliance.

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