HD Steel

Shusters Steel Doors feature high-definition decorative panel profiles that closely replicate the appearance of a high-end wood door with the ultimate in security.

Standard features for Steel-Edge and Wood-Edge

High-Definition Panel Profile

    • Creates excellent shadow lines and distinct panel designs

Internal Blocking

    • Lock area is reinforced to provide solid mounting surface

Two Finish Options

    • Features a baked-on primer for a more durable finish

Rot-Resistant Bottom Rail

  • High-performance composite material is utilized on all bottom rails

Steel-Edge features

Interlocking Steel-Edge

    • Has six 90″ steel bends in each edge to ensure stability and resist warping

Square-Edge Design

    • Wood door appearance

Vinyl Extrusion

    • Locks facings together and provides an insulated thermal barrier

Steel Reinforcements

  • Hinges are flush mounted into steel reinforcements to help prevent sag
    *90-minute fire label available for opaque doors only

Wood-Edge features:

Engineered Construction

    • Finger-jointed hinge stile and laminated lumber lock stile

Interlocking Design

  • Grooved stiles add strength and structural rigidity
    Steel facings wrap over stiles with a “J” bend
    *20-minute fire label available for opaque doors only

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